What would you vote for?

25th of February 2019

Date and Time

Mon, February 25, 2019

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM CET

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Centre Culturel Beggen

26a, rue de Rochefort

L2431 Luxembourg


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Get serious about political debate, political importance and the values of democracy. Join us for a Kitchen Table Conversation and have your say on EU politics. What do you need to get involved in the future of Europe?


Immigration, Brexit, the rise of extremist parties, etc… The stakes have never been so high, or issues more compelling!


The European Parliament is the only pan-national parliament in the world that is elected. Yet, in a survey of over 27,000 European voters, only 32% agreed with the direction the EU is taking (44% felt that the EU was headed in the wrong direction) but 67% believe their country has benefited from belonging to the EU. Voter apathy is a major contributor that takes the focus off the important debate about Europe’s future.


Join us for a Kitchen Table Conversation and have your say on EU politics. The outcome of this conversation will be provided to OLAI (Office luxembourgeoise de l'accueil et de l'integration).


Our discussion will include:


If you were an EU politician, what would your priority be for the next 5 years and beyond?


How might we create an environment where all Europeans profit from and realize the abundance this Union ?



What is a Kitchen Table Conversation?


It is an innovative way to connect a topic to individual & group knowledge. A KTC is an opportunity for people to come together, share their views and build upon each other's concepts and ideas. It is a free-flowing, enjoyable and slightly rambunctious way to throw ideas around and net out something extremely valuable to the community. Come find out for yourself.


KTC moderator: LisaFrancis-Jennings, the European Contact for Kitchen Table Conversations.


Panel members:


  • Irene Makela – Entrepreneur and Project Manager in Strategy Consulting, established a career Networking group for Finnish women and contributing member of the Finnish-Luxembourgish Society


  • Martyna Adamska – Project Manager and event facilitator at CinEast film festival, Training Specialist and Coach


  • Camilla Cuppini  –  Member of Integration Committee at Ville de Luxembourg and former animator of Just Arrived Ambassadors Club, Communication and PR Specialist


  • Zsolt Varga  Expert in data and languages facilitates communication with humans and computers alike


  • Dana Moldoveanu  –  President AVRIS asbl, member (elected) in National Council for Foreigners (Conseil National pour Etrangers), Coaching Psychologist and Trainer


After the debate, the organizers are inviting all participants for some food and beverages.

About AVRIS asbl

​We are the Romanian Women’s Club (Avris asbl) from Luxembourg and Greater Region. In this moment Romania is having the presidency of the European Council and as a Romanian women organisation we felt the need of getting involved in debating and informing European citizens living in Luxembourg about the importance of voting for the European Parliament. Citizens in many countries around the world tend to get less and less involved in the political debate as well as in the democratic process in general. The results could be disastrous not only for democracy but also for the environment, economy and finally for our private life and the future generations. We need to get back in the game, get informed and vote accordingly to long-term visions and high democratic and human values.

Clubul romancelor din Marea Regiune

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